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The neopanafricanism of Teodoro Obiang Nguema

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Luiss acquires the Amsterdam Fashion Academy

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Super-positive budget for AltaRoma 2020

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2021 African Cup: Cameroon risks losing everything

New revelations are coming from Cameroon about the corruption case, which seems to be led by the Canadian construction company Magil and representatives of the Cameroonian government and administration. Egis seems to have played a fundamental role in the award of this lucrative contract to Magil. Well-informed sources speak of collusion between Magil and Egis, who have worked together to have the contract removed from Piccini and that they already have agreements to share the loot, the new contract of more than 92 million euros for an almost finished stadium

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Abiy shares the nobel with Aferwerki

In his speech in Oslo on the occasion of the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, sharing his award with President Eritrean Isaias Afwerki, put things back in the right place. In his words, he stressed the blatant mistake of a Nobel committee that should have awarded the prize to both presidents rather than just one.  And this for at least two very good reasons. The first, and most obvious, is that it takes two to make peace. Without the will of one of the two contenders, in

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Sander: “Eritrean people have integrity, dignity and resilience”

BY BILLION TEMESGHEN In line with the recently held campaign against women discrimination, local media outlets have spoken to Ms. Marielle Sander (Sweden), representative in Eritrea of UNFPA the United Nations sexual and reproductive health agency.  Eritrea Profile by TesfaNews presents you a compiled version of the interview Ms. Sander gave to Open Mic. Q : Hello and thank you for your time. Ms. Marielle Sander: Thank you very much for this opportunity. I am the representative of UNFPA and I have been here in Eritrea for four months now. However, I have been working with UNFPA

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Canadian company accused of corruption in Cameroon

The Canadian company “Magil Construction” was charged in Cameroon following corrupt episodes that, hour by hour, are taking shape and getting worse. The challenge is the construction of the Paul Biya Stadium, a key infrastructure to host the 2021 African Football Cup. Well-informed international sources reveal that Magil would have reportedly paid bribes to the Cameroonian Minister of Sports to resume construction of the stadium to Piccini, an Italian company that had regularly won the contract. The conditional is mandatory because there are still no formal statements on the subject.

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Leonardo: CEO Profumo with the results armoured his reconfirmation

by Guido Talarico “The performance of the main businesses is in line with expectations. We confirm the 2019 guidance and continue to focus on the implementation of the business plan”. With the sobriety that distinguishes his work and sees the facts, and especially the numbers, before the words and comments, Alessandro Profumo, CEO of Leonardo, first Italian military industry, commented the results that his company has brought home in the first nine months of activity of 2019. Words that translated into numbers say that Leonardo closed the first three quarters