The international crisis that exploded in East Africa due to the Great Renaissance Dam, the plant wanted by the Government of Addis Ababa, which is being built on Ethiopian territory on the Blue Nile to provide local people with electricity, could come to a happy conclusion. A settlement that when completed will lead to the construction of the largest hydroelectric plant on the African continent.

The crisis was born because of the strong opposition to the settlement by Egypt and Sudan, the two countries that are downstream of the Blue Nile are afraid that the dam could lead to a decrease in water flows on their territories. But, as we were saying, after weeks of tension now seems to be opening a window of opportunity.

The African Union, after the encouraging mediation of the Eritrean President, Isayas Afwerki, has resumed its efforts by convening on Tuesday, July 21 an online meeting between all the countries concerned, Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia, precisely to find a common understanding. Water, which is a precious resource for all, should be able to be used by Ethiopia so as not to cause damage to other sister countries. And this guarantee should be sufficient to unblock the whole matter. We shall see in the next few hours.

James Crowe