The mild Mediterranean climate is a thing of the past. This is the stark reality explored in Ecoshock, the investigative book by journalist Giuseppe Caporale which sheds light on the effects of climate change in Europe.

Italy and the entire Mediterranean region are warming at a rate 20% faster than the already concerning global average. This acceleration poses a grave threat to Southern Europe, and the serious consequences of this climate shift have already been triggered.

It’s a race against time to secure these territories.

Published by Rubbettino, Ecoshock, is now available in English on major international platforms.

Spanning 282 pages, the book takes readers on a journey across country, documenting all the risks posed by climate change on the Mediterranean and Italy in particular.

Drawing on the voices of numerous climate experts and analyzing over 90 dossier studies, Caporale travels to areas where the impacts of climate change have already inflicted significant wounds.

In his conclusions, he emphasizes the urgent need for a national plan, financed by European funds for resilience, that transcends the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR).

‘The truth that we can no longer hide is that we are obliged to look for solutions faster than others, prisoners as we are of our geographical situation. We need ideas and courage to face this new reality’.

Giuseppe Caporale

Caporale wrote for the national newspaper la Repubblica for over a decade. He is the author of the award-winning documentary Colpa Nostra, on corruption and the earthquake, which was also nominated for the prestigious David di Donatello Award. In 2012 he was awarded the Paolo Borsellino Prize for Journalism. He was director of the portal and the Tiscali Notizie newspaper, and in April 2020 he co-founded the economic and social observatory Riparte l’Italia.

The book features a foreword by Professor Sergio Castellari, renowned climatologist and expert in climate adaptation and disaster risk reduction, currently serving as Attaché – Climate and Environment Expert at the Permanent Mission of Italy to the United Nations in New York.

Caporale has pledged to donate all proceeds from the book to Cittadella di Padre Pio, a Pediatric Oncology Care facility under construction in the Italian region of Calabria.

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