Italian Publisher has been granted exclusive rights to launch the book in Europe THE DOUBLE BOTTOM LINE: How Compassionate Leaders Captivate Hearts and Deliver Results released in 2023 by Donato J Tramuto, recognized CEO, business leader, innovator and philanthropist, will now be available in Italy.   The Publisher, BUR Rizzoli, entered into an exclusive agreement for rights to publish the book in Europe.  The Italian Version of the Book will be titled:  COMPASSIONATE LEADERSHIP: How Empathetic Leaders Conquers Hearts and Gets To Results.

THE COMPASSIONATE LEADERSHIP book puts forth the best proven strategies to close the compassionate leadership gap and drive results. Filled with firsthand examples from high-profile compassionate leaders such as Chief Institutional Affairs and External Communication Officer at Intesa Sanpaolo, Stefano Lucchini, founder and CEO of Sharecare and founder of WebMD, Jeff Arnold; former U.S. Congressman Joe Kennedy; American Journalist Katie Couric, as well as more than 40 other Global Leaders.  THE COMPASSIONATE LEADERSHIP book defines a new model of leadership and examines how to cultivate more compassionate people.   Mr. Lucchini wrote the preface for the book.

“We are finding that putting people first and delivering results are not two separate goals. Rather, a strong focus on people drives strong results, creating the double bottom line,” argues Tramuto. “The double bottom line is the idea that a company can measure its success by producing 1) strong financial results and 2) a positive impact on their people and the community at the same time.”  The COMPASSIONATE LEADERSHIP book is the last in a series of leadership books published by BUR Rizzoli.

“We are pleased and honored to publish Donato Tramuto’s book in Italy. We think that compassionate leadership will inspire readers and we hope that the book will arouse curiosity and interest in our country” says Federica Magro, head of BUR Rizzoli.

“Donato Tramuto’s book “Compassionate Leadership. How empathic leaders win hearts and achieve goals”is a fundamental text not only for managers, managers or politicians, but for anyone who wants to generate value and change, because it teaches us that the concrete action that springs from kindness and empathy is transformed into that form of help that spurs growth, improvement and community value generation.” Says Stefano Lucchini, External Relations Director at Intesa Sanpaolo Bank.

100% of the book’s Italian proceeds will be donated to the Robert F Kennedy Human Rights Italia.

Donato J. Tramuto is a global health activist, entrepreneur and former CEO of Tivity Health, and founder of the TramutoPorter Foundation and Health eVillages. He has nearly four decades of business leadership experience and is most known for his ability to balance transactional and transformational leadership within organizations. He has launched two successful start-ups, successfully lead the turnaround of a public healthcare company, and has executed innovative programs leading to sustainable business results through his Compassionate Leadership approach. Tramuto was the recipient of the prestigious Robert F. Kennedy Ripple of Hope Award in 2014 and the 2017 Robert F. Kennedy Embracing His Legacy Award. The New York Times has recognized Tramuto as “a global health activist.”

Stephano Lucchini is Intesa Sanpaolo External Relations Director. He has held numerous assignments in large companies dealing with external relations and institutional affairs. He received an honorary degree in Law and is visiting fellow at Oxford University. President of Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Italy, is Knight of the Grand Cross of the Italian Republic.

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