by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Alì

The Honourable people of Tigray,  as you well know, we now find ourselves at the verge of administering the last rites to the criminal element. This element is completely surrounded and cornered, unable to find a way of escape. This force is now a spent force, and is in the grip of  the last throes of death.

The ability of this element to command its forces at the battle field has been severely degraded to such an extent, that it is no longer able to coordinate its action.

Your children have been scattered across the land, with neither food nor water, suffering injury and death —condemned to be victims of war.It is incumbent upon you to save your children without delay from being unnecessarily scarified, by this rogue element amongst you.

Your children, despite not being provided with anything to eat or drink, are being forced at gun point to fight, their corpses ending up being consumed by wild animals.The death of your children will have no benefit beyond prolonging the existence of this element for no more than a few hours and at the most, a couple of days.

If men have to sacrifice their lives, it should be for the noble purpose of safeguarding their nation. It is not appropriate nor right for people to lose their lives and sustain life changing injuries, for the sake of the evil intentions of a narrow destructive clique. No one knows more than you, the dire consequences of war and the wounds and scars that it leaves behind. The rogue element will not in anyway be affected by the fighting, it will neither sustain injury nor death. The precious lives of your children should not be needlessly lost for the sake of this rogue element.

I call upon you, to help expedite the end of this rogue element so that the young lives of your children can be spared from needless death, so that your life will return to normal and you can bring in the harvest that has been spared from the recent swarm of locust. Our honourable people, we should quickly concluded the funeral of this rogue element and embark on our path to development. Therefore, save the young lives of your children from certain death. And carry on with the help that you have given to the National defence forces.

Take this opportunity to save the nation that you built by your sacrifices and to renew your history. This, is a plea being made to you by your country, Ethiopia. To all civilians leaders currently working at different levels within the administration. Our fight is against the minority rogue element hiding within the TPLF. Therefore, you are being asked to distance yourself from this rogue element. You should organise the people wherever you are and coordinate your actions with the National defence force and carry out your responsibilities. By doing this, you will be shortening the life of the rogue element and you will be absolving yourself from being held accountable for the wrongs of the rogue element.

To all members of the security forces of Tigray. You have seen what has happened to you in these past few days. The beneficiaries of the system are forcing you into the cauldron of war at gun point. They go to sleep having had food to eat and water to drink, while you endure hardship on an empty stomach, ending up being devoured by animals of the wild. They on the other hand, let alone shed their blood, are not even willing to hear the sound of gun fire. For what purpose and for whom are you cutting short your young lives?

Why are you getting ready to make Tigray childless, despite having had children? Why are you not using your energy for development? Why are you forcing Tigray to look after you when you get injured and become a burden to it, when you should be working towards helping and supporting Tigray? Why are you willing to shed your blood and pay with your life, to extend the life of this defeated force?

It is unnecessary for you to shed your blood or to lose your life for the sake of this surrounded element, who only has a mere few days to live at the at most. You need to rise against this rogue group or you need to hand over yourself to the National Defence force. Do not squander this opportunity that your country is giving you to save yourself in the coming couple of days. Ethiopia will be victorious through her true children.

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